Electrical & Mechanical


Our Threaded Rods help seam together and stabilize objects and structures that are made of wood, metal, and concrete. These threaded Rods are also used in plumbing.

Strut Channels

These channels are manufactured to provide an ideal mechanical support frame for a variety of operations. It is a great beginning point for installing electrical cable or pipe management systems.

Strut Fittings

Strut fittings are strong, quick, economical and adjustable. They provide a unique weldless connection method to the metal framing system.

Pipe Hangers

Our pipe hangers are of the highest quality in the market. Our products are designed to hold heavier loads, increase the span between supports and allow attachment from top and bottom.


Fasteners are a hardware material that mechanically seam two or more objects together. Fasteners are mainly used to create non-permanent joints.


These are premium screws which have been manufactured in Taiwan with highest standard of manufacturing after which they are imported by us and supplied locally to our partners.

Extension Cords

Our indoor/outdoor extension cord involve a 12-gauge wire ideal for medium-use applications. It provides flexibility, durability and kink-free reach when it is at its maximum demand.

Aircraft Cable

Designed primarily for standing rigging on boats, bracing and other applications where the stiffness of a strand is preferable to the flexibility of the cable.


Forged carbon steel, bodies heat treated by normalizing, end-fitting quenched & tempered Hot diped galvanized. They are designed to be loaded in straight pull, inline applications.


General purpose weldless utility chain, that combines strength, flexibility, light weight and a neat appearance. Made with low carbon steel (not heat treated), zinc plated finish.

Rebar Tie Wire

Rebar tie wire is used as binding wires Manufactured from soft annealed wire, which ensures the wire consistently forms the perfect tie every time.

Straight Cut Tie Wire

Soft annealed wires offer excellent flexibility making the wires easier to use. The galvanizing offers greater corrosion resistance than bright finish wires.


Blue poly tarps 20’ x 20’. Wide variety of poly tarps at wholesale prices. These blue tarps are UV treated.

Cable Ties

These UV resistant, black nylon cable ties with an overall size of: 7.56″ length x 0.18″ width x 0.05″ thickness meet OSHA’s 50 lb tensile strength.