• Choosing the Best Construction Materials for your Project

    Sunday 19th Feb 2017

    Choosing the right materials for your construction project can be a challenge, one that can make or break the whole project. There are a number of opinions as to which materials to choose, and when to buy them. Figure out what is the best way to purchase and choose construction materials that fit your needs.

    Considering all stakeholders

    Choosing construction materials is not a one person decision. There are needs and wants from the architect, the construction project sponsor, perhaps the owners, and of course the contractors and suppliers. All of them have a say in which construction materials ought to be used. And although all of the opinions are valid, there must be an established selection process in place so that disagreements can quickly find middle grounds that can be worked with. Let’s quickly review how each stakeholder defends their position:

    1. Architects & designers: they conceive the concept behind the construction project. They carefully plan out the building, giving functionality and design a meeting point. Materials can and will be suggested by the architect or designer so that the plan and design itself can come to life.

    2. Owners or sponsors: owners may have a particular taste or request. Although their needs and wants must be met, they also have to make sense. These materials need to be within budget, and need to satisfy security standards and regulations.

    3. Contractors: they will be handling the materials on site. Materials need to ease the construction process, and must comply with safety regulations. Also, contractors must be trained to handle all materials involved.

    4. Suppliers: they provide the necessary materials. One needs to be careful with pricing, availability, delivery dates, and warehousing costs if necessary.

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