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Global Xpress is a convenient, affordable and efficient supplier of commodity products to the distribution marketplace on International Level. Contact us today to set up your EXCLUSIVE territory to save your company time, money and productivity on an incredible range of commodity construction products such as fasteners, Specialty Bolting, Threaded Rod, Strut, Conduit, Pipe Hangers, Cable Trays, Structural Hollow Tubes, Wind Anchor Bolts, Jack Chain, Aircraft Cable, Electrical Tape, Guy Wire and much more.

Let us help you build a calculated delivery schedule to keep your warehouse stocked, your jobsites happy, and your customers satisfied with quality product at exclusive pricing from industry experienced representatives. Make Global Xpress your “Importer Partner”.

Improve Profitability
Reduce Costs
Enhance Product Offering
Become More Competitive

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Choosing the Best Construction Materials for your Project

Choosing the right materials for your construction project can be a challenge, one that can make or break the whole project. There are a number of opinions as to which materials to choose, and when to buy them. Figure out what is the best way to purchase and choose construction materials that fit your needs. Considering all stakeholders Choosing construction materials is not a one person

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Why become a Global Xpress Partner?

  • Save time & money as we will fulfill your inventory needs.
  • Increase your team’s productivity. Your team will not have to scramble for coping up with fluctuating prices. As a Global Xpress Partner, we give you surety for prices.
  • Complete range of commodity construction products such as Fasteners, Specialty Bolting, Threaded Rod, Struts, Conduits, Pipe Hangers, Prestressed Concrete Wire Strands, Wire Mesh Basket Cable Trays, Jack Chain, Aircraft Cable, Electrical Tape, Guy Wire and much more.
  • Free up your finances for business expansion. We do the procurement for you and supply you locally at best prices, so your margins are higher and inventory at your warehouse is lower.
  • Help build your Business Plan. With our expert team, we will sit down with you and help you with the business planning. This ranges from procurement, inventory management, pricing & selling strategy.
  • Access to Online and eCommerce based customer engagement platform, to get you new customers.